Book Addiction…It’s A Thing


So, my box from Bookoutlet arrived (stinking scratch n dent sale) and I didn’t realize it before hubby saw it in the door. He was too busy with a blade of grass stuck in his eye at the time to comment.  Someone wasn’t wearing safety glasses while edging the grass (no worries, super wife got the blade of grass out of his eye.)  I’m going to get the look later, though. The “Did you REALLY buy more books that you have no room for?” look.


It’s a sickness that I make no apologies for. Hell, I could have worse addictions– I totally kicked my Pepsi Throwback habit…mostly. My books; however, will be homeless as I have no more shelf space. I think it might be time to do the unthinkable… Get rid of some books. *shudder* I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.


I think, logically I know there are some books that I couldn’t wait to read at the time I got them, but years later they’re still on my shelves collecting dust.  They can be parted with, it’s just hard to admit that I purchased books that I (now) realistically know I’m never going to get around to reading.  And I kinda want to tackle the problem before the weekend is out, but I also don’t want to do anything hasty.  


*sigh*  Book. Nerd. Problems.


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  1. Feeling your pain, sister, feeling your pain.

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