This Is Why I Have Strict Loaning Policies…

…because people never give your things back I a timely fashion, in the same condition they were loaned in–or at all!  Seriously I don’t have a problem with loaning my books, if you follow my rules.  But people inevitable never follow the rules.


Exhibit #1:


A while back we did a wholesale spring cleaning of the house.  We pulled books, movies, figurines off shelves and packed them while we cleaned, we got rid of things we were holding on to for no real reason, we donated things, etc.  Well some of my daughter’s boxes and tubs were never unpacked because there was a possibility of a move, which fell through, but she never felt like unpacking.  All the bags, boxes and tubs ended up in her closet.


Out of the blue, she decided to unpack her things and she found all this stuff:

Yes, she loves Kasumi!

She also loves manga and the Drizzt series.


And there are still more boxes in her closet!  That’s not the annoying (mostly funny) part.  This is: 


Now some of these are just books of hers that she doesn’t want/need, but a good few of them belong in MY library, or because I didn’t know she had copies, I acquired copies, and we now have duplicates.  *sigh*  Kids!  Am I right?!  LOL.  It’s not really a big deal, more funny that anything.  I’m sure the local library or her old elementary school would gladly take them.  And there’s always PaperBackSwap.


I do have strict policies though; I’ve had to replace 3 books from my library because people either didn’t return them, or took them without my permission. (Which is a huge reason why my library is in my bedroom!)  And we won’t even talk about DVDs!  The annoying part of this is not that she had them, but that I have to find a way to work them back onto my shelves!  They may be homeless for a while.

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