Done with Goodreads

Hey, did you all know, that Barnes & Noble is no longer considered a legitimate source of book information as far as Goodreads, or any other Amazon owned outlet is concerned? If you go to a goodreads librarian and ask them to update/add/change info for a book and use B&N as a source, they will not accept it. Even if it’s a B&N exclusive edition. I found this out because I have several books that are B&N exclusives and my request for a cover was turned down because I used B&N as the source.

Amazon is clearly trying to get a complete monopoly on book sales and I for one am done helping. I’ve heard of the horrible way they treat not only authors, but publishers as well. I rarely buy books from amazon as it is, but now I’m banning myself from buying any books from them unless there is no other option. Maybe I’ll pay more at B&N, but I’ll feel better about the purchase. I’m also going to go back to using library thing rather than goodreads.  Maybe I’ll be alone in this, but I’m okay with that. I just hope others read my words and seriously consider them. Monopolies are not good for consumers, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on the economy.

Stepping off my soapbox, I just wanted to share that with fellow book lovers.


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