I Haz A Really, Really Big Sad!


precious paw-paw

Today I lost the sweetest, prettiest, bestest cat a girl could ever have.

Hubby found him inside a dumpster when he was no more than 6-8 weeks old.  Some awful, cruel person just threw him away like he as garbage.  They didn’t even give him a chance to live.  I thank the gods that hubby was driving a tow truck at the time, and had to park next to that dumpster because he heard his distressed meows, looked inside and saw him.  He climbed into the dumpster and rescued him.

When he brought him inside he said, “He can stay for tonight only.”  Hubby is not a cat person, but I have all the traits of a crazy cat lady.  And nearly 18 years later, my sweet, sweet boy was still with us.

Paw-Paw was an excellent mouse and bug catcher.  He was a great playmate to our ferret, Lissy, and later to his brother Chevy, and bratty little sister Leeloo.  He was friends with my oldest daughter and her best friend, whom he shared a birthday with.  She always called Paw-Paw her twin.  He adored my youngest when she was a baby, so much so, he would climb into the cradle to lie next to her.  He would even climb on her when she was sleeping in her bouncy seat and sleep on her.

Paw-Paw wasn’t a jumpy or scary cat, but if you caught him at just the right moment, you could make him jump a few feet in the air for a laugh.  He used to jump onto the tops of doors just to walk up there.  He was not afraid of humans, and once even jumped onto a friend’s chest, just to be up there.  And later that friend called him a “crazy cat” and always kept his eye on him when he came to the house.  He was smart enough to hide when too many kids were in the house, because kids don’t always know how to handle animals.

Like most cats, Paw-Paw loved affection and didn’t care what I was doing when he wanted it.  He was known to lay himself on my books, laptop, even my head (when he was still a kitten) just to get attention.  He listened very well and it only took a look or a snap of the fingers to get him to stop doing something he wasn’t supposed to.  He was the best and sweetest companion to me.  Paw-Paw made me so very happy, and I like to think that our family did the same for him.  He never wanted for food, treats, toys, or affection.

I think what makes it hurt the worst is that his health had declined in the last year or so, but after some vet visits and medicine, he started to improve.  Out of nowhere he went downhill.

Today, I gave the last act of love a furry parent can give.  I released him from any pain or suffering he was going through.  I let him go, because it would have been selfish to try and hold on.  I wish he wasn’t gone, and I will miss him forever, but at least he’s not suffering.

Anyone who has lost a furry child knows what I’m going through.  I feel like I will never be happy again.  He wasn’t just a pet; he was family.  My little boy.  And my favorite child as I often teased my human children.  I think I will miss him forever.  I will cherish the memories I have of him.

Love your furry friends while you can!



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  1. My heart hurts so deeply for you, Pri. You have the biggest heart and I know how much you love your kids, human and furry alike. I know how much I would hurt…but I do not presume to know how you feel. I am so sorry. Send love and positive energy and if you need to hang out, get a coffee, whatever – let me know and I’m there. ❤

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    1. Virago1977 says:

      Thanks Heather. I knew he didn’t have a lot of years left, but I thought I had more time. Maybe sometime soon we can share a slice. I really, really miss you all…and Leandro’s ☺


  2. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss 😭 Remember the good times! ❤️

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