April 2017 Readathon: Hours #16-18

I’m starting to lose the vigor.  I’m getting a bit sleepy and I think it has more to do with that stinking storm keeping me up last night than normal exhaustion.  I’m only a quarter of the way into Parnassus On Wheels… Did I mention I finished how to Archer?  I’ve had more distractions in the latter hour than I had before.  Plus there’s been trouble with the Dewey’s website and I admit to taking much longer futzing around on it that I should have.

Pup is still with me and is now taking up too much room on the bed.  Don’t have the heart to make him move…yet.  Leeloo Dallas has been rammy and has been floating between coming in my room and chirping at me and meowing in random places in the house, sounding distressed, but just being her normal weird self.  Paw-Paw has been chillaxing in the living room for the majority of the day.  It could have something to do with him being 17 and not having a care in the world except getting fed and petted when he wants it.

I think I’m getting delirious and I’m disappointed in myself, but I can’t control mother nature.  Stupid lightning storm!!

Anyway I will continue one and power-nap as a last resort.  I hope others are doing better than me.


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