April 2017 Readathon: Hours #4-6

Another three hours down and I’m still in it to win it…that sounded ridiculous.  I’m still on my first book, but as I said, I’m in for the enjoyment.  I’m very attached to the three main characters, one of which is a cute little doggie named Annabell.  I don’t think we’ve learned the main protagonist’s name as the whole book is seen through his journal, but John is the owner of Annabell and we’ve now added a family of three and a lone female survivor to the group.  We’ve only just encountered her so I don’t know her name or story yet.  The family consists of William, Jan and little Laura.  They seem like a good addition to the group, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’d be father along, but I took a break to chat on the phone with my hubby who is away until late Sunday/early Monday.

The dead finally rose, meaning the 16-year-old is awake.  She’s only bugged me once and only very briefly, so no griping from me as of yet.

I think I should probably eat a bit of something, as I’ve only had a few handfuls of goldfish pretzels and water since breakfast.

My goal is to finish this book and start the next by my next update.  Here’s to hoping the distractions continue to stay away!  Happy reading everyone!


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