April 2017 Readathon: Hours #13-15

It’s getting closer to the end and I feel like I’m going to make it without any issues.  Fingers crossed people!  I’m still working on How To Arher.  I’ve had a few more distractions, which I used as an excuse to get up and move around and/or get a snack/drink.

My faithful puppy (who’s 9-years-old and will always be my puppy) has been with me pretty much all day.  He’s only left to be taken for his walks and then he’s come right back to me.  So spoiled and I had no idea how that happened. :p

I’m mostly through the Archer book and I have hope to get to at least one more book before the 24-hour mark. I’ve been having fun doing the mini challenges and sharing in the activities.  All-in-all, I’ve had a really good readathon.  Seriously, no complaints.

Happy reading everyone!  Stay strong; if I can make it, so can you!


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