April 2017 Readathon: Hours #10-12

Twelve hours?!  Holy moly the time has flown by!  I finally finished my zombie book and have moved on to the more comedic How to Archer.  [Review to follow the readathon].  I loved the zombie book, and the Archer book is giving me just the laugh I needed after all the scares and anxiousness I had with the first.

I’m still feeling good and going strong and have had very few distractions from the kiddles.  I’m very happy to have finished at least one book and hope to complete a few more before the end, but we’ll see.

Still haven’t stopped for a full meal, but I’ll get there when I need it.  It’s also still ridiculously hot here, so I haven’t ventured from my room other than to stretch and snack breaks.  I was going to try sitting outside, but I don’t like the heat and the sun doesn’t like me, so it was a no-go.  But I’ve had the window open and the fan blowing so it was almost like being outside.  LOL!  No it wasn’t.

I’m having a great readathon and I hope everyone else is too.  In the words of my favorite (original) Power Rangers, “Back to action!”


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