Review(s): Akira, Volumes 4-6

The first three volumes I lumped together in one post because they were re-reads.  I figured I would do the same for the last three because I have OCD and I needed to post it this way.  Plus they are pretty short reviews.

akira4Title: Akira, Volume 4
Author: Katsuhiro Otomo
Page Count: 394
Read Date: January 9-10, 2017
Description: Set off by the bullet of a would-be assassin, Neo-Tokyo has been leveled by Akira’s godlike psychic fury. Now cut off from the rest of world, the Great Tokyo Empire rises, with Akira its king, Tetsuo its mad prime minister, and a growing army of fanatic acolytes. Forces on the outside still search for a way to stop Akira, and the answer may lie in the hands of the mysterious Lady Miyako, a powerful member of Akira’s psychic brotherhood. But the solution to harnessing Akira may ultimately be more dangerous than Akira himself!

My Rating 5 of 5 stars
My review: What. The. Crap. Is going on?

This whole thing has taken a left turn, and yet it hasn’t. It’s been a big paranormal mess from the beginning. Kaneda has left the Earth, but isn’t dead and Neo-Tokyo has been left to fend for itself by the powers that be. Akira doesn’t speak and Tetsuo is in waaaay over his head.

I must go on and figure out what the hell is going on.

akira5Title: Akira, Volume 5
Author: Katsuhiro Otomo
Page Count: 413
Read Date: January 10-19, 2017
Description: In the 21st century, the once-glittering Neo-Tokyo lies in ruins, leveled in minutes by the infinite power of the child psychic giant, Akira. Now a wasteland of rubble and anarchy, the Great Tokyo Empire rises, a ragtag group of zealots and crazies who worship and fear Akira and his mad prime minister, Tetsuo, an angry teen with immense powers of his own — and equally immense twisted ambitions. The planet at large is not taking the threat lying down, however, and the might of the world is ready to take on the Empire, but will technology’s most advanced weaponry be enough to destroy Akira — and is Tetsuo an ever greater threat? The fifth chapter in a sweeping epic of over 2000 pages, Akira vol. 5 is the penultimate act of a mind-blowing graphic-novel masterpiece of awe-inspiring imagination and gut-wrenching power, and the inspiration for the classic Akira animated film.

My Rating 5 of 5 stars
My review: I’m not even sure what to say about this… It’s still complete insanity. Everyone is fighting everyone. I’m not sure if anyone knows whose side they’re on. Tetsuo is completely bonkers, Kaneda is back and apparently Kei is a powerful medium. The power is overwhelming Tetsuo, and still mostly nothing from Akira. I’m seriously starting to wonder if he’s actually a threat. One more to go and I guess I’ll find out.

akira6Title: Akira, Volume 6
Author: Katsuhiro Otomo
Page Count: 434
Read Date: January 19-19, 2017
Description: The explosive finale to one of graphic fiction’s greatest achievements is here! The mad psychic colossus Tetsuo, the world’s military, and the remaining psychics of The Project face off — with the child psychic god, Akira, the wild card — in what may not only decide the fate of mankind, but may determine the next step in human evolution! This long-awaited volume — a staggering 440 pages — features the impossible-to-find final chapters of Akira, never before collected in the U.S., presented as they were intended to be seen in their original, stunning black and white! Featuring a revised translation and top-quality art reproduction, this is the final edition of one of comics’ definitive works, a six-volume epic of over two thousand pages. Katsuhiro Otomo’s entire masterpiece is finally available — only from Dark Horse!

My Rating 5 of 5 stars
My review: Okay now I see the movie wasn’t as far off as I initially thought. This was kind of trippy? I’m not even sure how to explain it. It’s all violence and supernatural powers. It’s about power and evolution and the birth of the universe. Like I said, trippy. Akira…I’m not even sure why this whole thing was named after him. Maybe because he was the beginning, but he was also the end. He wasn’t evil; he was just a child who was experimented on–and developed earth shattering powers. None of it was really his fault, although he was the cause. But in the end, he was the solution. Tetsuo was practically the main protagonist of this series…poor Tetuso. In the end you feel for him because he was just a lonely, bullied kid who only wanted love and friendship. It wasn’t his fault the government chose to experiment on him and unleash his powers. In the end he couldn’t handle it; in the end he called for Kaneda, not Akira. It was almost kind of sad…once you get past the confusion and the insanity. This may warrant a re-read.


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