Review: The Turn of the Screw

turn of the screwTitle: The Turn of the Screw
Author: Henry James
Narrator: Emma Thompson [with an Introduction by Richard Armitage]
Page Count: 80 (Kindle Edition)
Listening Length: 04:40 (Audible Edition)
Read/Listen Date: February 25, 2017
Description: When a governess is hired to care for two children at a British country estate, she begins to sense an otherworldly presence around the grounds. Are they really ghosts she’s seeing? Or is something far more sinister at work?

My Rating: 2 of 5 stars
My Review: The only thing I really enjoyed was Emma Thompson’s performance. She’s what kept me listing (and reading along at some parts).

I just didn’t get it? It didn’t get me? It was very hard to follow and didn’t make very much sense, in my opinion.  It literally did not pull me into the story or hold my true interest. Perhaps this will warrant a second reading/listening in the future.


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