October Read-a-Thon: Wrap-up

So this is late because my boiling rage and frustration has finally cooled.

This read-a-thon took place on my daughter’s birthday.  I was going to skip it, but the birthday girl herself insisted that I participate.  We had specific breaks planned for her celebratory dinner/dessert.  After that, everyone knew that I would go back to my reading.

Other than the fact that I had a crappy night’s sleep, the morning hours were great.  I got some breakfast, read, blogged, participated in mini-challenges.  Hubby came home and the peace began to fall away.  He realized I was reading and said, “I don’t want to bother you; enjoy your reading,” and then he proceeded to occupy himself.

The break went great.  I took my ereader to continue my reading during the drive from home to restaurant, from restaurant to Geloteria, from Geloteria to home.  Now the one person who would have been well within their rights to bug me or ask me to take a break didn’t bother me at all.  She had had her trip to dinner and dessert not to mention we ordered her special cupcakes from Cupcakeology.  She asked me to make her a special drink (she’s 22), she went to her room to play an online game with a group of friends, and she didn’t bug me for the rest of the night.

I settled on the couch and then every hour my youngest or my husband (sometimes both) came and interrupted me.  My youngest wasn’t so bad.  The hubby…

I understand that with his new job he’s not home as much, so when he is, he likes to monopolize my time.  Every time he came into the living room and interrupted me, I offered to take a few hours break to watch a movie of a few episodes of something together.  Each time it was, “No, no, I don’t want to bother you.”  But bother me is what he continually did.

Finally he dozed off on the sofa beside me… And then the power went out.  *SIGH*  My 15-year-old was too scared to be in her room in the dark, even with candles and flashlights, so she sat up underneath me until the power came back.  I was able to switch back to the ereader until the power came back on about an hour or so later.

Unfortunately with the power back, hubby woke from his nap.  He continued to passive aggressively harrass me to the point that I said, “I’m going to my room!”  Ten minutes later he followed me claiming to be sooooo tired.  If he was so god damn tired, why the hell didn’t he go to bed and leave me alone to read?!

By that point I was so frustrated I couldn’t see straight AND the bad night of sleep caught up with me.  I tapped out at around hour 20.  I’m so disappointed in myself, but it wasn’t really my fault.  Can’t control a bad night of sleep; can’t control a needy, clingy family.  The last read-a-thon they were awesome.  They fed and watered me, and made sure I got up and moved around so I wouldn’t get cramped or sore.  This time they were selfish.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful to have a family who loves and wants to be around me all the time.  But this was planned months in advance.  I only wanted one day–and not even the whole day.  I would have gladly skipped the whole thing or only done 12 hours if they had just asked.  I don’t like quitting things because other people push me into it; I should have tapped out of my own accord.  That’s what I’m angry about.

I had fun about the first half of the read-a-thon, and on a plus note, I won a mini-challenge!  I never win anything, so that made my day!  I’ll post my prize when it arrives.

Until April 2017.  I may just have to book a hotel room for that one.


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