Read-a-Thon Prep

It’s time to prep for Dewy’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon.  It takes place Saturday, October 22, 2016.  This happens to be the day of my oldest daughter’s birth, AND the in-laws decided my kid’s birthday was a good day to have a party for someone whose birthday it isn’t.  Gotta love in-laws.  My kid was like, “Read away, mom!” but this party could prove to be tricky.  I’d like to get out of it, but my mother-in-law is sure to throw the passive-aggressive guilt trip on hubby, plus it’s for one of the uncles-in-law that I really like.  *sigh* Life’s little dilemmas.

I’m trying not to stress over it because that’s just a waste of of energy.  What I need to do is plan out my books and snacks.  Since it’s October and Halloween is my favorite holiday, I’m going with a Horror/Halloween theme for my book picks.  My first (and possibly only) pick so far is: read-a-thon-pick-2016-10

Realistically, even without my party interruptions, this will probably take the whole day to read, so I don’t really need to add anything else to the pile.  However, I could get tired/bored or just need a break from reading about the creepy-ass murder clown, and will likely pick a few more books.

Also, it would probably be smart limit the amount of Halloween candy I add to the snack hoard.

Is anyone else participating?  If so, how is your prep going?


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