Book Nerd Problems: Solved…for now


It took most of the afternoon, some dusting, and a puff or two the old asthma inhaler, not to mention some strategic rearranging of the hubby’s side of the closet, but I managed to make room and I no longer have homeless books…for now.


And an added bonus, my pup who refused to help or move during the whole process.

Most of the shelves are double stacked, but some aren’t which leaves rooms for future purchases.  I had to move shoes around in the top of my closet–not my shoes–but I managed to double stack my old romance novels (forward and upward).  I’ve read most of them and the ones I haven’t, I usually only get to 1-2 a year so it’s not a hardship to have them hidden in  closet.   When we (eventually) move to a new house, my biggest goal (besides a second bathroom and better counter/cabinet space in the kitchen) is to make sure my bedroom can house all of my books.

Crisis averted for now.


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