Happy Friggin’ Mother’s Day to Me

So on a day where I was allowed to sleep in and was promised bbq’d ribs, asparagus, cake and wine, we had a near tragedy, and I don’t know how to feel about it.  That’s a lie, I should feel sad and angry and that is how I feel.

My not-direct next-door neighbors lost a dog to cancer a few months ago.  And after their mourning period, decided to get a rescue dog.  Now they had already gotten one rescue last year when it was evident their older dog wasn’t long for the world.  The dog is sweet, but ill-trained.  She runs away all the time and it’s like a game to her.  When she gets off her leash it basically becomes something you would see on AFV.  They have to chase her around and around until either she gets tired, or they can box her in somewhere.

It is not cute.  It is unsafe and very annoying for those of us who happen to have out dogs out at the time of her escape.  She’s not what I would call aggressive toward other dogs, but she’s not really play date material either.

This morning, while I’m sleeping in, my husband sees that they have another dog.  He told me that one look at the dog he could see that it was a killer.  He told them to be very careful that it didn’t get out because if it did, it would likely kill another dog.

A few hours later while he was in the yard grilling the ribs, their dog busted out of their half-broken down fence, rushed into our yard and attacked our dog.  There was no provocation, they hadn’t been playing, or barking or anything.  My dog was in my yard drooling over the ribs and hoping to get one when they were done.  If my husband hadn’t been there the dog would have killed mine.  It went for his throat.  I wasn’t outside or even in earshot so my account is second-hand, but I do not believe my husband would exaggerate about this.

He said that they neighbors were so shocked that they literally just stood there.  My husband had to grab the other dog by the scruff and lift him up and away from my dog.  Then the owners finally moved and the husband grabbed my dog and kept him safe while they dealt with the other dog.

They were very defensive at first, but everyone went inside their homes and got their bearings.  We checked our dog over thoroughly and thankfully he was completely unhurt, just shaken up.  We on the other hand were completely distraught.  My 15-year-old burst into tears when she heard that our dog was almost hurt–could have been killed.  I was nearly in tears but I didn’t want to make my daughter feel worse.

So after calming (as much as one could after a thing like that) my husband went to the neighbors to have a serious talk.  Our concern is that there are many dogs and feral cats in our neighborhood.  What would have happened if they hadn’t been outside when he broke free of the gate and my dog had been in our yard minding his own business?  What would have happened if my daughter had been walking our dog?  After the incident, my husband immediately began talking about getting tasers.  I had said something along the lines of needing a weapon and sitting out with my dog any time he wanted to be in the yard.  It’s scary and ridiculously unfair.

I am very saddened and disgusted that the animal was clearly abused and used for fighting.  It is a horrible thing to do to any animal and it gives Pit Bulls a bad name.  I LOVE Pit Bulls.  They are beautiful, loving, friendly animals!  They were bred to be caretakers of children because of their protectiveness and their ability to take abuse (i.e., ear pulling, stepping on tails, etc.)  Any dog will go bad if it is abused, but because Pit Bulls are used for fighting, they get a bad rap and it’s unfair to the breed.  The abusive asshole owners should get the bad rap!

All that being said, this dog needs to go!  They claim to have just gotten him and because of it they don’t have an attachment.  It is my hope that they take him back, or give him to someone who can keep him far away from other animals.  I never want to see an animal get put down because of the consequences of abuse.  I never want to harm an animal.  But if it’s a matter of protecting my dog–please forgive my expression–but I will fuck another animal up to save mine.  He’s my son.

I’m semi-conflicted because I hate the idea that they have to get rid of the dog.  I hate the idea of the dog being put down because it hurt another animal.  I hate the idea that I have to contemplate buying a taser to protect my dog.  I am angry that they would just go get a dog that is aggressive toward other dogs without having the proper facilities to contain it.

I am sad and angry and I don’t know what I will do if they don’t get rid of the dog.  They are our neighbors and thankfully no one was hurt, but it could have been worse.  I also could have been a bitch and called the cops anyway.  I just want them to think about someone other than themselves.  They are nice enough people, but they have their faults, as do we all.  But the fault that affects us all are they the are shitty neighbors.  They always want people to help them out and do things for them, but are always absent or find excused to keep them from reciprocating.  Where most other neighbors help each other 50% of the time, they help out maybe 10% of the time.

And this whole situation has upset my husband to the point where he just wants to sit on his game all day so that he doesn’t have to keep reliving it in his head.  Not that I would mind as I just want to sit and read all day, but there was something I wanted us to watch together and he didn’t feel he was in the right state of mind to do it.  It’s not my whole day ruined, but that is a near thing.

I need to move to a single house with a huge yard and a privacy fence, like yesterday!

I hope all of the other mothers and caretakers of children are having a wonderful day.  It was finally sunny and nice on the East Coast!


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