I’m a Naughty Girl

I’ve been bad.

I’ve broken two promises to myself:

  1. I ordered books after promising myself that I would not spend money on books, or add to my ridiculously large collection of books that I have yet to read.
  2. I ordered from Thriftbooks after swearing off this site forever.

I couldn’t resist.  After the debacle with the book from Paperback Swap I was even more determined to complete my collection of the Earth’s Children series.  I found two on Paperback Swap, and then I literally lost my mind and typed in the url for Thriftbooks.  I don’t think I posted it here, but in recent months I’ve had several issues with that company, which included but were not limited to, shoddy packaging, wrong books shipped, wrong quality of book shipped (acceptable vs very good), and books reeking of mildew.  It’s sad because for the first year that I ordered from them, there were zero problems and only satisfaction with my shipments.

Anyway, I received a refund for every incident, but after the mildew books I’d had enough and swore off ordering from them ever again.  And this was hard because I had a $5 credit!!!  That’s worth at least two books on that site!  So, having taken leave of my good sense, I browsed through and found the books that would complete the collection as well as others that have been on my wishlist for a while.

I’m crazy, right?  I’m probably going to get the wrong binding of book, coupled with shoddy shipping envelopes and mildew.  But it was four books in ‘very good’ condition for $11 and free shipping!!!

Ugh!  I’m so disgusted with myself.

Oh, and as an aside, I got a refund for the books that smelled like mildew, I got to keep them, and I solved the mildew problem by sealing the books in a container for of kitty litter for two days.  [Best litter ever!] They are prefect now.  This trick can be used for cigarette smell too.


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