In The Home Stretch

It’s after 5:00 am here and I’m tired as hell!  I’m so very close to making it to the 24-hour mark, but I don’t know if I will.  At this point I’m working on sheer determination.  I also realized a few hours ago that whether I make it or not, I’m gonna be stinking exhausted later today when I attempted to watch the Richmond race.  It’s one of my favorite tracks so no matter how tired I am, I’m gonna to watch it… Or at least part of it.  There’s a good chance that the race could end up watch me, lol.

I am still reading/listening to Temple of the Winds.  I have yet to tire of it.  I had expected to either speed through it, or to break off and read part of another book from my pile, or maybe even a shorter novella.  I figure that by diving back int the realm of the Sword of Truth, I won’t stop until I finish this one and then dive right into the next.

Whether I finish this book or not, my goal is to finish the entire read-a-thon, or to get as close to 24-hours as I can.



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