Gearing Up for 24-Hours of Reading

So today is an off day for the hubby, so we went shopping. *cringe*  I loathe shopping, but sadly it’s the only way to get the foods and the drinks and the…stuff.

And you’d be so proud that I was in BJ’s Wholesale club, walked past the book section, looked for a moment, but did not linger.  I actually walked away from a book section without buying, or even touching a book!!  *woot woot* Go me!

So today we mostly just restocked the essentials that were running low, toilet paper, bottled water, soap, etc.  I got very little in the way of snackage, which was dumb because I have a 24-Hour Read-a-Thon in five days. Shout out to Dewy’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon!!

Long story short–too late–I reminded my 15-year-old that it was coming up and that I wanted her to take a walk to the store with me mid-week to get some junky and healthy snacks for Saturday.  I also reminded her that she had to ‘feed and water’ me during the 24-hour period.  To which she so eloquently relpied, “So, what, I gotta be your mom now?”

All I can say is she gets her sarcasm honest.  I love that kid.  She makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

So now she is prepared to ‘mom’ me for a day.


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