April Book Haul

april book haul (2016)

So, I was completely irresponsible and bought a small stack of books the other day. Now I have two meanings to ‘irresponsible’ in this case. The first, and probably biggest, is that I really shouldn’t have spent the money in general.

The second, and funnier meaning (at least I think it’s funny), is that I didn’t start out with the plan to buy five books!

It started like this, while I’m not well-read in the subject, I have seen on multiple occasions, blogs, articles, various rants regarding Amazon being unkind/unfair to authors and publishers. As an aspiring author, I don’t want to continue giving power/money to companies that treat authors/publishers badly. With that being said, I have multiple book wishlists on Amazon because I like to break things into categories–I have OCD, just let me have it! It’s just easier to keep the wishlists on Amazon and refer back to them (and compare prices) before using other outlets to purchase from. I buy a lot of household and random things from Amazon, so I was looking through my wishlist for, I don’t remember what, and the view defaulted to my ‘general books’ list.

Now I couldn’t help but look through it and I noticed that there was a significant price drop on Jane Two. I’ve been dying to get this book because, Sean Patrick Flanery! The man is uber talented and I have seen/heard him tell stories and figured the book would be great. And because I’m a huge fan I want to support everything he does, so that he can keep doing it. Jane Two went to the top of the ‘general books’ wishlist as, at the time, it was a pre-order. This is getting really long-winded, but stay with me! So I see the reduced price with a notation that stated the publisher set the price. Call me naive, but I felt that was excuse enough to click the ‘add to cart’ button.

I go to my cart and see that Jane Two is eligible for ‘free next day shipping’ (FNDS) with my Prime membership as long as I spend a total of $35 on equally eligible items. Thus the beginning of my descent into doing the opposite of adulting.

I’m committed now, in deep, so I return to my ‘general books’ list and see what I can order that is both eligible for FNDS and will help me get to $35 without going too far over. This turned into 25-30 minutes of agonizing over eligible books, prices and what the best combination would be. Finally I make a decision and my order comes to just a little over $35. I click check-out and it just gets worse.

On the check-out screen I see that I have just over $10 in credit to use. But if I use the credit, it takes the price below $35 and the who thing will be null because I’ll no longer be eligible for FNDS! *ugh* Now I back out of check-out and the cart, because I have to re-figure my entire order. I now have to spend at least $45 in eligible items in order to get the FNDS.

If I were being rational, I would have said to hell with the whole thing, just ordered Jane Two and forget about all the other books and the FNDS. I; however, at this point, am anything but a rational adult person. My eyes are shining with the prospect of more books with immediate free delivery. And really, who wouldn’t be thinking the same thing in my place?! Seriously, someone please tell me they would have done the same, because it’ll make me feel better about the whole situation!

Back to not only my ‘general books’ list, but my category specific book lists as well. I’m searching for books that are eligible, will coordinate with my price point, and that I want now. Which was about as hard as it sounds. I want all the books now! I went back and forth between eight separate wishlists trying to find the perfect collection for my cart. I’m not even sure how long it took me to decide, but I did get up and walk away from my laptop at one point.

In the end, this is what I chose, and thankfully, the book that started it all stayed on the list. Because in times past, the book that I started with has been axed from the final purchase, lol!

Jane Two by: Sean Patrick Flanery

Dominion by: John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard

It by: Stephen King

The Song Of Achilles by: Madeline Miller

Allegiant By: Veronica Roth

This whole post has made me realize how insane my book obsession is, and yet it’s still not as bad as my obsession with Pepsi Throwbacks! [Which are now knows as ‘Real Sugar Pepsi’, but will always be ‘Throwbacks’ to me!]


I buy in bulk!

Now if anyone wants to have a laugh at my obsession, get ideas for book to check out, or just support my reading obsession, feel free to check out my wish lists:

Books | Books-(Auto)Biographies/Memoirs | Books-History/Mythology | Books-Kindle | Books-LotR | Books-Maybe | Books-Read (Not Owned) | Books-Walking Dead/Zombies


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I spot some books from my tbr! Haha, great haul (:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Janani says:

    Hahahaha this made me chuckle but also I could relate so hard because these are real life book-buying problems.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now you know I’m laughing…first because I totally relate! second because I can totally picture this entire process and, honestly, it is very funny. You know I love you <3!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Virago1977 says:

      Thanks for the love! It’s rough being book obsessed.


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