Dreams & Nightmares

I dreamed I was in the Zombie Apocalypse again last night. This time, I swear I didn’t eat or drink anything before bed! I’m pretty sure we were in a mall, but I wasn’t with anyone from my dream Zombie Survival Crew or just anyone I would be cool riding out the ZA with. The last two or three times I dreamed of the ZA I was with my girl @Milk_Squared. She’s in the ZSC and has a go-bag ready at all times. She’s ideal to have on your crew, trust me.

So the details are leaving me quickly, but I think we were in a mall. And we were constantly clearing stragglers away from the exits. Damn it I can’t remember it but it was almost as vivid as that truly naughty Flanery/Reedus dream I had last week. It was so intense that, apparently, I slept right thru some pretty intense thunderstorms. I’m pretty sure I fell into a coma last night because I am a very light sleeper normally.

Maybe it was because I was working on a Walking Dead fic before I went to bed. More than likely that was it. Oh well, just felt the need to write that down…figuratively speaking.


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