You’d Think I Would Know Better By Now…

First of all yesterday I melted into a puddle and then my liquid self ignited and burst into flames. Summer said, hey welcome to me now here’s a nice kick in the baby maker! I effing hate summer (the season not the person)!
And then, like the dumbass that I am, I decide it’s not only a good idea to go to the hair salon, but to get my deep conditioning treatment. This treatment in itself takes at least an hour, not to mention actually getting my hair done, and waiting for other customers ahead of me. My mom went with me and got the same treatment, so you can guess where I’m going with this. Now to my hair dresser’s credit she’s quick. She was whipping girls in and out of her chair at superspeed while still giving quality hair care.

The shampoo girl, who is also the hairdresser/owner’s daughter applied my conditioning treatment which entails applying special conditioner and then flat ironing it into my hair. This broad effed my scalp up in like 4 different spots. Now I know she didn’t do it on purpose and she’s not incompetent because she’s done it before without burning me, however last night something was off because she effed me up. But I’m a trooper, and at this point I’m halfway conditioned so I can’t just stop. Anyway long story short (too late) mom and I didn’t leave the salon until about 10:30.

Now I’m actually starving, which is unusual because in this heat all I feel like doing is puking. I was probably hungry cuz she stressed me up by effing up my scalp. Anyway we stopped at Wawa and I got a roast beef Shorti with cooper sharp cheese, a little mayo, spinach and roasted peppers, and a Throwback, of course.

I get home, go to my room and find hubby in bed watching From Dusk Til Dawn. Clooney, ‘nough said. So I get on my pjs and get in bed and proceed to try and eat my sandwich in peace, but hubby helps himself to the second half of my sandwich and then proceeds to open my Throwback, which I actually wasn’t gone drink because it was so late. Well after that I figured might as well have dessert and proceeded to have the new cream-filled chocolate krimpets. So. Effing. Delicious. Like Norman Reedus delicious!

Well after the movie we went to sleep because I was friggin tired. And I know if I eat anything before I go to bed I have nightmares and/or bizarre dreams, let alone the amount of heavy, sugar-filled shit I ate. Needless to say I had bizarre dream on top of nightmare on top of bizarre dream on top of nightmare. And to top it off, hubby’s new work phone chirped before my alarm did and woke me up early. Then he effed up my morning routine.

And I have a tummy ache. Like I said, you’d think I would know better by now! Cannot wait to see what today brings. Stay tuned…


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