Daryl Dixon, Saving The World One Family At A Time



So hubby works for an asshole almost as bad as the devil. Only his boss is more of a jerk-off douche bag than a pure evil entity like mine. So anyway things have been getting steadily worse and hubby knows that eventually he’s gonna beat douche-boss to a bloody pulp before quitting, or the jerk may get the drop on him and just fire him. He’s been actively looking for and applying to different trucking companies so he can quit. One day last week I randomly call hubby and say, “Hey, wanna take me out to search for Daryl Dixon dolls when I get off work?” To which he replied, without hesitation I might add, “Sure no problem, just figure out where you wanna go.” On the way to a Toys R Us in a part of the city I was for sure would have them, he saw a truck from a company he’d never heard off, Philadephia Trucking. He liked the look of the truck and said he’d look them up when we got home. Well needless to say my search was fruitless. No Toys R Us in this region has a Daryl Dixon Doll, and we got to the GameStop just days after some jerk drove two hours to buy their one and only box of Daryl Dixon Dolls–likely to sell them on eBay for 80 fucking dollars! On the way home, on the same road, he saw another truck from the same company and decides to immediately dial the number he saw on the truck. They asked if he had his hazmat certification, which he does, and told him to come by first thing to apply and drop off his resume. Long story short, he coordinated an immediate interview and got hired on the spot. He started yesterday. The only time I’ve seen him so happy was when he first passed his cdl test. And he said that he had me and Daryl Dixon to thank! Thanks Double D! Now if only I could get to a GameStop before the ebayers do I might get a doll for retail price…


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