2012 Philly ComicCon in Review



Let me start by saying this year’s ComicCon kicked my ass; I still have not 100% recovered…although that could have more to do with the fact that I took both of my girls this year.  I swear I have never met two siblings that irk the shit out of each other quite like my daughters, but I digress.  I bought weekend passes but we only did three days.  I’d like to say “Wus uuuup!” to Mick, Julie, Ryanne, Tammy, Liz and all the Vixens, ZSC, and Tweeps I got the chance to meet.  It was very cool meeting everyone and I can’t wait until we can do it again.  And to everyone I tried to meet up with, but epic-failed, sorry, hopefully we can do it next year or sooner if they have a fairly local event before ComicCon 2013.

WizardWorld did a bang-up job on organization this year as compared to last year; however, as with every Con, it was a madhouse!  Now, to start things off on Friday, my oldest daughter, DJ, who inherited my clumsiness, tripped on the way to the bus, sprained her ankle and spent the whole day gimping around on a bad ankle, because there was no way in hell I was going to miss the BDS Q&A Panel this year.  Last year Norman got held up and didn’t arrive in Philly until right after the panel had concluded.  Sean did a phenomenal job all on his own, but this time it was going to be all three boys and who would miss that on purpose?!  ImageMy youngest daughter, Summer, recorded the panel on her Kodak video camera.  I only glanced at the first few minutes and it’s a bit shaky (probably should have rethought letting her do the recording) but the audio quality seems perfect.  As soon as I view the whole thing I promise to share it with anyone who wants it.  The trio was fantastic, funny and goofy and this year Sean picked on Rocco more than Norman, lol.  Sean is their favorite MacManus, so we decided to get autographs with him first.  Summer was so nervous and scared that she almost backed out, but I forced her to suck it up.  I knew Sean was a sweetheart before, but after the way he treated Summer…I just don’t have words for how nice he was to her—to all of us.  It was evident that she was nervous and shy but by the time he was done chatting her up she was grinning from ear to ear.  That grin remained there until she went to sleep that night.Image

Saturday or What-The-Fuck-Was-I-Thinking-Bringing-Both-Girls-Back as I like to call it, was probably the best and worst of the three days.  DJ was gimping and whining about her ankle.  Summer complained about her legs begin sore from the previous day’s walking and she got frustrated with the size of the crowd.  But was Bruce Campbell Day and I wasn’t letting anything or one get the way of getting into his panel or getting his autograph.  The whining got so bad that we went down to where the program rooms are two hours early so the crybabies could rest and I could recharge my phone.  That actually worked out great because we were the first non-VIP’s in line for Bruce’s panel.  His panel fills up quick!  Now I wasn’t sure if he was doing a Q&A or a stand-up routine because he’s so effing funny!  ImageSummer recorded as much of it as she could before her camera battery died.  I got a bit recorded on my camera, but I’m hoping Wizard World uploads the panel to their site like they have done in the past.  After the panel, there was more whining to which I responded, “Get the fuck outta my face so I can get in line for Bruce’s autograph!”  Okay, I didn’t really say that to my kids…but I wanted to!  I did send them off to wander on their own because there was no way I was gonna listen to them complain about sitting in the line for an hour and a half!  Bruce is awesome in person.  He shakes hands, makes eye contact and makes it a point to make “small talk” with everyone.  He said my name was “Crazy, kinda breezy and cool.”  This made all the whining and crying that I had listened to worthwhile because I immediately forgot how awful my children had been acting that day the minute he smiled at me!  It was only for a few minutes, but meeting Bruce Campbell was the highlight of my ComicCon 2012.  I know someone is like, “The fuck? Norman, Sean and Rocco should have been the highlight.”  But I had met them before (save Rocco) and meeting them will NEVER get old, but at least I had met them.  Last year I waited too long to long to get into the autograph line for Bruce and I missed him.  Wasn’t gonna do that twice!

After Bruce we wandered a bit and then got in line for Norman’s autograph.  Again Summer was super nervous.  If I thought Sean treated her extra, super special, I can’t even think of a word to describe how awesome Norman was to her.  Put it this way, Sean was her “love” now she cannot decide who she loves more, Sean or Norman!  He was awesome.  I got to meet him as a Vixen for the first time, which was cool as shit!  He’s sweet to all of his fans, but I think the Vixens & Betties get just a little extra.  Again Summer grinned the whole night and well into Sunday because she was thinking about both Sean and Norman.  She’s so possessive of her autographs that she didn’t even want to show her dad, lol!


On Sunday I actually threatened to call the hubby to come get the girls because, you guessed it, more whining.  They caught the hint because they were very anxious for me and my friend to go off on our own.  They promised to behave and to not an attempt at murdering one another while they were away from me.  So on Sunday I bought my very first comics, Army of Darkness, which was *squee* inducing for me.  I was never into comics before The Walking Dead, which was the first I have ever read (I have digital copies of them, so I don’t really consider it owning a comic), so this was kind of a bid deal for me.  Hey, what’s the difference between a graphic novel and a comic?  Anyone?  If there isn’t a difference, then Army Of Darkness isn’t my first comic, Akira is.  If anyone could shed light on the subject without me having to check wiki that would rock.  Anyhoo, I found a cool Army Of Darkness tee which, sadly I will have to do serious crunches and cardio to get into and not look like one of the hot-ghetto-messes I take pictures of on the 6-9.  I guess whatever motivates me, right?  ImageAnyway, we did the Spartacus panel because I was dying to see Craig Parker up close without paying for an autograph (which I now know was a mistake, I should have paid!)  Craig I love from LotR and because of him I ended up watching Legend of the Seeker and Spartacus, which both turned out to be awesome shows!  He was very funny during the panel and his accent just made me melt into my chair! (This is also partially recorded).

All-in-all it was a very eventful, exhausting weekend.  I saw so many people up close like Dean Cain (delicious) when Stan Lee came over to chat with him.  ImageJames Marsters, Anthony Michael Hall, Gail Kim, Mayrse and The Bella Twins who are all absolutely beautiful in person.  I even got to see the Million Dollar Belt sorta up close!  I also find it interesting which celebs make a big deal of not having their pictures taken and which ones don’t.  My friend was SUPER irked because she couldn’t get a pic of Sam from Trueblood, but she praised the fact that Sean, Norman & Rocco didn’t care if people were taking pictures outside of the line.  Kristy Swanson was adamant about not having her picture taken, but Stan Lee was walking around chatting with people and couldn’t give two shits about who was snapping his picture.  Interesting.   There were so many good people there and I wish I had had enough money to get autographs and/or pictures with them all. 

Sadly I could not afford Captain Picard’s autograph price ($75), so I skipped him, as a matter of fact I couldn’t even manage to get a glimpse of him.  I wish I could have because he is by far (IMO) the best Star Trek Captain ever.  For those who disagree and say Kirk, Kirk was before my time.  I never got into the original show—Hell I only started watching TNG because Wil Wheaton was in it; I just happened to fall in love with the show.  And besides that I’ve read many an account stating that Will Shatner is a real douche, which is kinda off-putting.  Also, we skipped Rocco because my kids had insisted on getting  Sean and Norman’s autographs for themselves and I didn’t either.  And then they had to have artwork and plushies and souvenirs .  I spent about $200 in autographs/pictures alone!  I don’t know about everyone else, but I just don’t have $ like that!  Although I am sure I’ll regret skipping Rocco, because with my luck he won’t come to Philly next year.  But if he does, I’m definitely getting his autograph and a pic for myself!  If the kids want autographs next year they had better save their allowance! 

I have two things already planned for next year, 1) I’ve started squirreling away money now so I can afford BDS VIP.  And 2) the hubby is coming (whether he likes it or not) to wrangle the girls next year so I can actually do what I want, either that or neither of them are coming next year!


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