Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 10

I’m wasted on this diet. How does one stick to a diet during “that time of the month”?! It’s really hard this week because all I want is chocolate & Throwbacks. Although most of yesterday I wanted nothing at all.

The high point is that my daughter is, doing well. Down more pounds and she’s not whining this week like she was last.  I think she’s on her way to being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle on her own. She still has a long way to go, but she’s making progress. She’s also learning that having  a cheat day doesn’t mean gorging herself on junk all day. She decided her cheat is a liter of cola (ROFL Super Troopers reference) and 1 sugar cookie poptart.

Did you know they made sugar cookie poptarts?! They are super delicious. Yup, I cheated and had one. Don’t care cuz I cramped like an em effer for the better part of yesterday and I was queasy most of the day. I hardly ate anything, so I feel I deserved it. I feel like any woman on their period deserves a pass on diets and violence. We should be allowed to eat mass quantities of chocolate and kill stupid people and not get in trouble for it. Just sayin.

But I digress. I’ll be doing this diet for a lot longer than two weeks. *sigh*

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