Semi-Vegan Diet Day 5

All of my hard work on days 1-4 1/2 down the drain with one truck ride with the hubby. *sigh*

I didn’t even want to go because I was tired and I knew what would happen. I had a roast beef sandwich (with lots of veggies on it) from Wawa for dinner and he literally forced me to drink one of those super delicious frozen cappuccinos…and there was a handful of those lattice cut Herr’s potato chips. But surprisingly enough I stayed strong with the “no Throwbacks” rule.

In the grand scheme of things it probably wasn’t as bad as I feel it was because my caloric intake is so low due to the dieting, but I feel bad having cheated, especially knowing that I will be given a diet reprieve on Mother’s Day. 

Next week I’ll have to work even harder and my ban on Throwbacks might last longer. This prospect does not make mama happy! I was my Throwbacks back.

Still in bed blotting this, so tomorrow I will report if my cheating did any damage to my weight loss. Until then…


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