Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 4

Yesterdy was awesome! I had sushi for lunch. It’s allowed. Sushi has never tasted so good! I had a lunch date with two coworkers that I used to lunch with daily. Because of position changes and my department’s issue with licensing we haven’t had lunch together in months. And as expected, my friends tried to tempt me with Throwbacks and French fries. It’s only fair; we used to do the same thing to Dina when she was dieting. But I stayed strong. And because I’m going soft in my old age, I ordered a Togo order for my kid so she could have sushi for dinner. And I carried it home on the bus!

Yesterday I also got the okay for a glass of wine. The grapes are good for thinning the blood & cholesterol so I had a quarter of a glass before bed.

Sadly, I’m up a pound. It could be the sushi, the wine or just the fact that it’s almost that time of the month. Either way I’m not discouraged. Week one is almost done and (so far) I can honestly say I haven’t truly cheated.

Now this weekend being Mother’s Day weekend should prove that I love my kid because I could be having a ginormous, juicy steak on Sunday. It’s probable that I’ll have sushi. I love sushi, but I’d rather have the steak.


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