Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 3


Day three was harder than the others because I was faced with many temptations. My coworker drinks diet Pepsi and as much as I despise diet anything I would have gladly chugged that bad boy. Then there were the peanut butter crackers and the fritos and the god damn CrackDonald’s. I know that my stomach can’t handle that greasy excuse for food, but I really wanted those fries! But I was sooo good. No candy, no soda, no fries or unapproved carbs. And the Brita filtered water bottle worked fab! Philly water is by far the worst tap water I’ve ever tasted, but with that water bottle it was just regular, drinkable water. I’m trying to do my part by not polluting landfills with plastic water bottles.

Best of all my hubby informed me that the kid lost 3 pounds the first day! Jawsome! As of last night I was down 4. This morning it jumped to 6. I miss my Throwbacks, but I guess this is really helping. Now if only I could get the energy to get on my awful elpitical…I’ll tackle that another day. Right now I just have to keep strong and not cheat.


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