Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 2


Day two was a struggle. I ate 4 Rolos and 1 Tootsie Roll, but no Throwbacks, so thats a positive. The hubby has made a concession considering salad for brecky is no good. We’re allowed one egg and one piece of pumpernickle bread, or a small amount of granola…but still no cereal or muffins and no meat other than tuna. Dunno if I’ll make it. I woke up starving this morning. I’m anything but a quitter so I’ll soldier on, but I dunno if the kid’ll make it; she’s weak, doesn’t have any will power. Although she may have found a way to create some. She wants a bribe basically. If I help her purchase a game she really wants, she’ll stick to it for the full two weeks. I added that if we see results for her, she has to stick with it for longer. Not quite as radical long term, we’d add in more fish daily, or chicken once a week, but mostly veggies and beans for the long haul. I can do it as long as I get my Throwbacks back. I can give up tootsies and all that other junk, but I want my Throwbacks back! And maybe the occasional muffin.


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