Semi-Vegan Diet, Day 1 Complete

Day one of my daughter’s diet is complete and I’m wondering if love is a good enough reason to participate in the diet to support her. No real meat (although fish has now been allowed), no carbs, but most importantly no Throwbacks.  It’s not as horrible as I want to believe it is. I think mostly it’s hard because I know I can’t have a muffin or a Throwback. I couldn’t give up tea because that would mean going thru caffeine withdrawal and I don’t love anyone enough to go thru that on purpose!

I feel weak and tired, which is mostly due to my asshole neighbor letting their dog bark all night.  I had to employ reverse psychology on my daughter who was already talking of quitting not even 24-hours into it.  I told her to go ahead and quit, I didn’t care, it wasn’t my diet anyway and that I’d gladly go back to drinking my Throwbacks in peace. Needless to say she said, no mom, I’ll do it.

We shall see what challenges today brings. I’m guessing more desire for Throwbacks and muffins. Maybe so whining about being tired.  Possibly the murder of stupid coworkers….


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