Mondays Truly Suck Balls

I know that everyone says they hate Mondays, that they suck. But typically my Mondays are proof-positive that they well and truly suck! Advertisements

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 12

Almost forgot about this. I had a surprise case of vertigo on days 11-12 so dieting wasn’t really in my head. Mostly I wanted the world to stop spinning. I think I did good, but who knows for sure. But I will continue on with this crazy salad-eatin-bitches diet, because I said I would and…

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 11

I haz a sick. I nearly ate yesterday. I’m still at 6 pounds total lost. Kid is doing better than me. Not sure how that happened, but it’s a good thing. Oh well, maybe I’ll get over that hump next week. Posted from WordPress for Android

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 10

I’m wasted on this diet. How does one stick to a diet during “that time of the month”?! It’s really hard this week because all I want is chocolate & Throwbacks. Although most of yesterday I wanted nothing at all. The high point is that my daughter is, doing well. Down more pounds and she’s…

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 9

If ever there was a day I wanted to cheat, yesterday was it.  So as or this morning I’m back up that 1 stinking pound. Grrrr! I’m feeling like all the work I did week 1 was for nothing. I gotta figure out how to get back on track. Posted from WordPress for Android

Bitches Are Testing Me

When are people gonna stop trying to unleash the angry black woman in me?!  I know that I come off as quiet and sweet to those who do know me, but I’m a ruthless evil bitch when I have to be–sometimes just for shits and giggles.

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 8

Dude I’m a lost cause. Hubby should never have encouraged me to cheat over the weekend. I had a Throwback yesterday.

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 7

It’s was Mother’s Day, need I say more. Working twice as hard this week. Gonna extend my no-cheat stipulation for another week because well, I cheated all weekend.

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 6

Yesterday was horrible. Oddly enough I was back down that 1 pound from the other day.  But I didn’t eat much all day and most of what I did was pretty bad. This morning I was back up that 1 pound. *sigh* With today being Mother’s Day I can’t imagine how many pounds I’ll be…

Semi-Vegan Diet Day 5

All of my hard work on days 1-4 1/2 down the drain with one truck ride with the hubby. *sigh* I didn’t even want to go because I was tired and I knew what would happen. I had a roast beef sandwich (with lots of veggies on it) from Wawa for dinner and he literally…

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 4

Yesterdy was awesome! I had sushi for lunch. It’s allowed. Sushi has never tasted so good! I had a lunch date with two coworkers that I used to lunch with daily. Because of position changes and my department’s issue with licensing we haven’t had lunch together in months. And as expected, my friends tried to…

Semi-Vegan Diet: Day 3

Day three was harder than the others because I was faced with many temptations. My coworker drinks diet Pepsi and as much as I despise diet anything I would have gladly chugged that bad boy. Then there were the peanut butter crackers and the fritos and the god damn CrackDonald’s. I know that my stomach…