Strange Observation I Just Made…about myself…

So I’m farting around on my laptop, working on some fanfic, updating my iPod and suddenly a thought popped into my head.  I made a sudden observation about the type of men I’m attracted to.  I don’t really have a specific type–although my hubby seems to think I do.  I can tell you what I know I like and it’s all over the place:

  1. Tall– A man needs to be at least 6′ 2″ preferably taller.
  2. Ghetto Booty– I need a guy with a nice round, firm booty.
  3. Dark– And I’m not talking about skin, although I love a good tan.  I mean dark hair and eyes.  Don’t really like blondes.
  4. Older Than Me– at least 7 years usually older.
  5. Scruff/Beard– They gotta look good with facial hair.  I actually prefer it.
  6. Pretty Smile– And I’m not talking about thousands of dollars of dental work.  What I mean is that his smile has to make smile.
  7. Protective– I’m not saying he has to be a 5th degree black belt or anything, but he needs to be willing to throw-down to protect me, us, our family.
  8. Hair– I love thick, dark hair.  Spikey, long, what ever, just have it…all of it.
  9. Musically inclined– I love a guy who can either sing, or play the guitar–preferably both (i.e. Mike Shinoda).
  10. Potty Mouth– I like guys who aren’t intimidated or bothered by my potty mouth.  They can have one too.

Things that I am now attracted to that I was not attracted to before:

  1. Blue eyes– I usually prefer brown or green eyes, but I’ve found myself falling over for a lot of blue-eyed boys
  2. Smokers– This one is specifically for Norman.  Don’t like cigarette smoke and I can’t handle it because of my asthma, but Norman smoking is fucking sexy!
  3. Bald– I think this is my husband’s fault, but I’m attracted to guys with shaved heads.
  4. Rednecks– I’ve developed a random attraction to country boys.
  5. Muscular Guys– I don’t like overly skinny, or mushy guys, a little cut was always enough for me, but now I look a large, muscly guys and go all weak-kneed.

I know there’s more to this, but my husband and daughter are distracting me.  I’ll have to get back to it…I’m gonna figure out how many multiple categories my current obsessions fall into…


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