Cherokee Rose

A week late, but I’ve been sick.

So my opinion of this week’s episode is that there was NOT enough Daryl.

I wanted to punch Rick for telling Daryl that he didn’t owe them anything. Let’s add insult to injury, first of all if anyone owes anyone Rick owes Daryl, I mean he is the one that handcuffed Merle to the roof. What even made Rick think that Daryl felt he owned them something. What has anyone in the group actually done for Daryl?!

Lori really needs to make up her mind. She either wants Shane to go or she doesn’t. I kinda figured the pregnancy thing would come up; it’s just good drama really. And with Shane alone–oh boy will we have some serious drama!

Andrea is still whining, but I have hope for her. She was an awesome character in the comics, and I’d hate to think that they’re turning her into an unlikeable character. And I’m torn between the pairing I’m familiar with, Dale/Andrea and the pairing that may be merging, Shane/Andrea. I like Shane and I don’t want him to be alone, but as much as I don’t want to see it on screen, Andrea/Dale is a sweet couple.

T-Dog is finally showing some promise. I truly hoped they didn’t save him from the zombie apocalypse just to be the weak link of the group. He seems like he realizes he has something to prove and I hope to see him take on more responsibility within the group.

Glenn/Maggie I mean I saw this coming. Yes it was in the comic, but they haven’t stuck to the comic so they could have gone another way, but why? Glenn and Maggie are endearing. It’s nice to see something good come from the end of the world.

Hershel bugged me in the comics ad he bugs me in the show. I guess we’ll see how closely the follow the comics.

The moments that Carol and Daryl have are very sweet. I can almost see them pushing those two together. It’s evident they share a bond of abuse and terrible family life. Carol is holding together beautifully. I can’t believe that she hasn’t gone of the deep end by now. I feel like she has learned to see Daryl as more than a racist redneck. She sees him as the person who wants to find her daughter almost as much as she does. I think she’s seeing behind his gruff exterior and realizing that Daryl holds nothing back, because he always speaks the truth. Hoping and praying isn’t gonna get Sophia back. Combing the woods it’s what’s gonna get her found. And Daryl, I feel he has a need to find Sophia for his own reasons. It’ll make him feel better about not finding Merle. I think he still struggles with the fact that he left Merle behind– that he didn’t try searching on his own. But to what end? Leaving the group, he’d likely survive just fine on his own, but I think he wants more than to survive. He’s found a family within the group. And I think before it’s all said and done, people (besides Carol) are going to realize that Daryl is an important part of their group. Maybe they’ll even start treating him better.

Can I just say that they had better find this little girl this week! I’m sick of them looking for her–where the fuck did she go?! And I especially hate the fact that Daryl gets hurt looking for her. I’m positive he won’t die…at least not just yet, but I hate the idea of him being hurt for people that didn’t give two shits about him, yet there he was fighting with them, staying loyal to them, helping them. He deserves more than to be injured and alone looking for that little girl.

And Merle…I don’t know if I believe Merle is Daryl’s hallucination. And I also don’t believe that Merle is mad at his brother. Why should he be? He didn’t lock him on the roof and he risked his life trying to get him back–whether Merle knows that or not. But we only had a brief view of Merle and he was high as a kite at the time so we can’t know how he really feels about his brother. For all we know, maybe Merle was Daryl’s abuser. Just sayin’.


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