I Ain’t Mad Atcha Shane!

I just don’t get it.  Why is everyone so mad at Shane?!  The only time Shane upset me was when he was on his drunken rampage at the CDC and became an attempted rapist.

For starters Rick was his oldest and bestest–yes I said bestest– friend.  He loved him and I think he blamed himself for Rick getting shot.  Now how in the hell does anyone think he was getting Rick out of that hospital?  The military were killing infected, non-infected, hospital staff–every-fucking-body!  I honestly believe that he thought Rick was dead.  And even if he didn’t think that, how was he going to carry a prone, grown man out of that chaos.  Between the soldiers and the walkers, they both would have died.

I don’t blame him or Lori for what developed between them.  As far as they knew Rick had died and the civilized world had ended.  They found comfort in each other, or they used one another to forget for a while or whatever–but in such tragic and high-intensity situations like that, anything can and always does happen.

I believe that all of Shane’s guilt came back three-fold when Rick walked into that camp.  He felt like he let Rick get shot and had the burden of believing that, basically, it was his fault that his best friend was dead.  And then he left him behind, only to have Rick survive and find them.  Now he feels even worse because Rick wasn’t dead and managed to pull through, no thanks to him.  And to top it all of, he’s been banging the man’s wife all this time–making them adulterers.

Lori had every right to be upset and I think I would have reacted the same way if my husband came strolling into camp after his best friend had told me he was dead.  I probably wouldn’t be rational enough to listen to his excuses or reasoning and I totally would have cut him off.  But what upsets me about her is that she tells him her family is off limits and that he needs to back away and then the bitch gets mad when he does it.  WTF?!

I think it was harsh, but I see the reason behind Shane treating Carl so coldly.  He was trying to make it easier on both of them.  If Carl hated him, then it wouldn’t be hard for him to accept Shane’s leaving.  He makes the decision to pull up his big-boy pants and leave everything and everyone he loves behind just to satisfy Lori’s anger.  Is he wrong for wanting to continue his relationship with Lori? Yes!  Their whole relationship was based on a lie, even if they didn’t know it was.  They were together to comfort one another because they both lost Rick and the rest of the world.  But with Rick back, the relationship was no longer necessary.  And because he’s back they’re both guilt laden.  I don’t even understand why he would even want to touch her once Rick came back.

And as for what he did to Otis, dude, with Otis forgetting Rule #1 of Zombieland–CARDIO–and Shane gimping, they weren’t making it back together.  And if they did make it back together, they would have been too late to help Carl.  And for those people who said to give Otis the bag and for Shane to use himself as bait, seriously?!  Dude, Rule #1 Cardio!  Otis didn’t have it and we all know the fatties survive!

Shane did what he did to save Carl.  I honestly don’t believe it was about saving himself.  He had to save Carl because he loves Carl and because he loves Rick and Lori.  Quite honestly if it comes to saving myself or a loved one over a stranger, maybe it is cold blooded, but Otis wouldn’t have gotten a shot to the leg, he would have gotten a bullet in the head and I would have kept it movin’!

People can cry “Foul!” and “Heartless bastard!” and “Son of a bitch!” but in survival situations, you do what you have to survive.  Morals aren’t going to keep you alive for very long.  I’m not saying abandon all morals at the first sign of the zombie apocalypse, but there’s a time when you may have to set them aside and do what’s necessary to protect your own!  And for all the people crying that Rick would have never done something so terrible, or that he’d be so upset if Shane told him the truth about Otis, clearly you haven’t read the comics.  Rick does some fucked up shit to protect his son and his group in the comics.  Read that shit and see if I’m not speaking–writing–the truth.

Just sayin’.


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