Save The Last One

I suppose this will become and Sunday Night/Monday Morning routine. Tonight’s episode was great. We got some closure but now we have more questions and angst.

Lori and Rick…I like where they are taking the relationship. They are pushing each other, taking turns being strong for one another–that’s how it’s supposed to work in a marriage. I love that Lori is strong and puts Rick in his place when he needs it, but I love how Rick can keep faith and hope when Lori has lost all of hers.

Carl–Chandler Riggs is a good little actor! And I had a feeling they wouldn’t kill Carl off. I’ve read the source material and I know Carl survives in that, but clearly, they are not going by the source material and basically anything goes on the show. But I believe what’s true in the comics is true in the show and that is that Rick would go off the deep end if Carl died. And while I know no one is particularly safe on the show, Rick is too necessary to the whole of the group for him to be lost. And that’s exactly what he’d be if Carl died, Rick would be lost.

Glenn…I think he’s struggling with the desire to be a more “important” member of the family, but he doesn’t realize that he already is. No one scavenges like Glenn and he can keep a positive outlook in just about any situation. I also think Glenn is key in everyone maintaining their humanity. I certainly hope that the Glenn/Maggie relationship crosses over to the show. It looks that way, but you never know with this show.

Carol…I just feel for her. As a mom I’d be crazy with worry and grief if my little girl was out there. It’s amazing that she’s held it together as well as she has. I don’t know that I would be so calm. I think I’d be out there in the dark looking for my baby until I found her or dropped from sheer exhaustion.

Andrea & Dale…I hate to say it, but Dale is kinda irking me right now. I get why he saved Andrea, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t have tried to do the same if it was just me and I had developed a bond with her. But I can’t say I would have done it either. The bitch wanted to die; it was her choice, he should have let her decide. She has a right to be pissed at him and he had no right to hijack her gun. He’s being whiny about the fact that Andrea is pissed at him and he needs to suck it up and deal with the fact that he did what he did more for him than he did for her. I hope they get it worked out though because I like their friendship and quite frankly I don’t like her spending so much time with Daryl. And Andrea needs to get over it. She should have pulled out her inner evil and said, “Fuck you Dale you can die too!” Or just suck it up. You’re alive, now deal with it and stop being a baby. Be mad at him but stop whining and carrying on like you’re five. And keep your eyes off Daryl!

T-Dog…I feel for him as well. He really is like the odd-man-out. As of right now, what has he brought to the group? He dropped the key which is why Merle was left behind in the first place. Then he managed to get himself sliced open and nearly bled out and who has to come to his rescue, the guy whose brother got left behind because of him. He’s kinda lost and I don’t think we’ve seen the best of T-Dog just yet. He has something to prove. Both of the rednecks saved his ass–Daryl dragged his ass to safety and Mere’s drugs save him from blood poisoning. Now he has something to prove not only to the group, but to himself. I think he’s gonna show some usefulness soon–at least I hope so.

Shane…everyone’s mad at Shane, but didn’t you people see Zombieland?! Rule #1 Cardio. Clearly Otis didn’t heed this rule and we all know the fatties got it first. Now that’s harsh, I know, but I’m kind of an evil, heartless bitch, so I’m okay with it. I don’t believe Shane did it for himself. I mean, of course he wanted to live, but that’s not the reason he did what he did. He HAD to save Carl. Together, they probably would have been walker food, but using Otis as bait allowed Shane the distraction he needed to hobble to the truck and get back to the farm. Was that some cold-blooded shit? Abso-fucking-lutely. Would I have done it? I don’t know that I would have shot him, but I would have left his ass. If I was the weakest link, of course I’d want people to stay and help me, but would I expect it? Hell. No. We all want to help people and to be helped if we need it, but at what cost? I’m not dying for anyone other than my children! The longer it took them to get the the truck, the least likely they were to actually make it. It wasn’t a bad decision on Shane’s part as I saw some people say. It was a tough decision, but if I was faced with the same one, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing. Maybe he was wrong, but he’s alive and thanks to him so is Carl.

Daryl…people, people, people, Daryl Dixon has not gone soft. When we first met Daryl he was crude, angry and defense. But why? Because Merle’s a dick. Daryl finds out his brother is handcuffed on a roof, left for dead. Um, yeah, I can say and do whatever I want about my brother, but don’t you dare do it! Dick or not Merle is his blood and he had a right to be crude, angry and defensive. Then he finds Merle’s gone from the roof and minus a hand, yeah I think it’s reasonable for him to be pissed. And in order to get the bastards that left his brother handcuffed to a roof to help him look for Merle they gotta rescue a bag of guns from a street full of Walkers. Then he gets jumped and a member of his group gets kidnapped. He may not have love for Glenn, but Glenn was in his group, and there’s a fierce sense of loyalty in Daryl and love him or not, he’s not gonna just sit there and let anyone kidnap a member of HIS group and get away with it. And then there’s the multiple stand-offs with the vatos, their van “disappears” and they have to haul ass back to camp on foot. They get there in time to see half the cap get eaten and save the other half. And just how do you think he felt about leaving his brother behind when they left for the CDC. He’s been helpful and loyal and he’s surrounded by a group of people who don’t even trust him, but where else is he gonna go? Almost getting blown up isn’t exactly gonna bring out the bright side of anyone. Seems to me like Daryl (even though they’re still in the midst of surviving the zombie apocalypse) has just finally gotta a chance to just breathe. He’s not soft, he’s just not surviving. We never really got to know Daryl, so we have no clue of he really was always a hothead. Every situation we saw him in during season one was high intensity, high emotion. We’re still seeing high emotion, but it’s not his drama and there’s no real focus on him so there’s no need to be defensive. And right now, they’re looking to him for help. I think it makes him feel good that they are finally trusting him and treating him like he is important–like he belongs. That’s gotta feel good to a guy who, clearly, grew up mentally, verbally, and likely physically abused. So he’s not soft, he’s just not in the middle of his own drama right now. I feel for him being stuck in the winnie with a crying mom and a girl that’s a few cans shy of a 6-pack. He wanted to escape, that’s why he went looking for Sophia that night. Even though being a valued part of the group may do wonders for him mentally, it’s still new to him and I think he wants the responsibility, but isn’t sure how to handle it quite yet. I don’t think he can relate to anyone in the group right now, maybe he never will, but I think he’ll find a way to be comfortable with his position in the group and with the others looking to him for leadership. And quite frankly I still say he’s the only one with a fucking clue–he proves it every time he tells them about themselves. Although Shane showed me some promise that he might come second to Daryl in having a fucking clue.

Can we tell Daryl Dixon is my favorite character? And it’s not because he’s played by the beautiful and talented Norman Reedus. I find him to be the most interesting character. He’s got a lot of depth which surprises people, but also proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover–or by what section it’s in. I truly hope they don’t ruin his character by putting him with Andrea. I don’t see Daryl as lovey-dovey. I can see him getting a quick tumble in the woods–for which I volunteer–getting some and keeping it moving. Andrea is an emotional roller coaster right now and getting involved with her sexually would be more than just sex for her partner and I can’t see Daryl being that guy. And I certainly hope they don’t kill him! I might stop watching if they did.


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