Sunday’s Are Killing Me!

Disclaimer: All of the slash references were purely by accident, but they’ve got the slash bunnies working overtime in my head!

Of course we all know Sunday night is reserved for The Walking Dead.  But Sunday is also race day.  So in the afternoon I’m camped out in front of NASCAR, praying for Dale Jr.’s on-going slump to end.  Of course if there was a Saturday Night race that week, I’m more than likely being harassed to watch movies with the hubby.  And after a (usually) disappointing race, I rush around to make sure that I’ve changed over loads and folded clothes and sometimes I even cook a little dinner.

At around 8:00 AMC goes on and the channel doesn’t change until the television goes off for the night.  I watch the previous episode first, anxiously waiting for 9:00 P.M when new Walking Dead epicness will begin.  I watch and tweet and hold my breath through much of the episode.  And then, breathing Norman—I mean normal—again, I watch the encore to catch things that I missed while my kid was asking me questions (like I’ve seen the brand new episode before) and while I was tweeting.

During the encore I softly yell at my youngest daughter about still being awake and remind her that it is daddy’s night to be in bed early and if she wakes him with her nonsense, it’s on her!  I double check to make sure that school & work clothes ready for the morning during the commercials and remind my oldest that just because she’s older doesn’t mean she’s supposed to be up late; she has school in the morning just like her sister.  After the encore I watch Talking Dead and because I’m already committed to the evening, I watch the second encore as well.

Two episodes into the season and The Walking Dead has me on the edge of my seat and anxious to see what’s going to happen next.  I love that the show is not exactly following the source material so I only have vaguest of ideas as to what might happen next.  The progression of the group’s inter-relationships, I think, is taking shaping nicely.  I love the struggle Shane is having within himself—with his decision to leave the group and with his relationships with Lori and Rick.  His relationship with Rick is still intact—strong even, though Shane is really grappling with the secret he’s keeping from his oldest and dearest friend.

Andrea is spiraling into insanity and though I still think she needs to get slapped around a bit, it’s an interesting departure from her character in the comic book.  I’m reserving judgment until further into the season.  It’s a little sad—and yet visually wonderful—that Andrea and Dale’s friendship in the show differs from that in the comic.  (I’m trying to be kind and not give any spoilers to those who have yet to read the source material.  Those of you who have know what I mean.)

I know there’s been some question as to the quickness of Daryl’s transition into a trusted member of the group—a leader even.  But I think about it, really.  Sophia is a little girl and I have a feeling that even Merle, redneck, douche that it he is, would help find her.  I don’t think Daryl’s gone soft or made a complete 180, he’s just being human.  A little girl, a member of their group, is missing; why shouldn’t he want to help find her?  And he does seem to be the only member of their ragtag band that has a fucking clue—and knows it.  He’s still as gruff and blunt as ever, but with Merle gone perhaps he isn’t so cowed by his older brother’s, obviously, domineering personality.  Or possibly it’s just that he doesn’t have to over-do the asshole-ish behavior because Merle isn’t there to comment on him “being soft”.  Just from the brief introduction we had of Merle, I have a feeling that he would ride Daryl’s ass (wow, if that was an unintentional slash statement!) if his little brother showed even the least bit of “softness” to anyone in the group.  From my experience brothers ride each other constantly (and another) and always need to prove that they’re harder (once more for the cheap seats) and tougher than their sibling.  The Dixon brothers are obviously a dysfunctional family at their best and so of course they both have course exteriors that are the first and only thing they show to outsiders.  I don’t think Daryl has made a wholesale change and I don’t think the changes we’re seeing are happening too fast.  In the zombie apocalypse you adapt quickly to your situation or you die.  If a racist redneck was helping to keep me safe and fed, I sure as shit would keep him in my group!

I’m hoping to see a friendship develop between Daryl and Glenn, but who knows if that’ll happen.  And I really can’t wait to see what happens when the two groups merge.

But mostly I just want to keep seeing Daryl, sleeveless and killing zombies.


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