2019 Reading Challenge

Didn't quite meet the goal in 2018, but that's never stopped me from trying again.  Same goal as last year, 52 books.  With my buying ban, once again, firmly in place, I plan to [attempt] to read books that I currently own or library books.  As always, I make no promises to myself, or anyone … Continue reading 2019 Reading Challenge


DNF: The Last Exit To Normal

Review: It's been a really long time since I've either given up on a book or disliked it so much that I couldn't even hate-read it through to the end.   Ben is the protagonist who's father came home one day and announced he was gay.  Mom walked out--which just effed up.  Ben, having had … Continue reading DNF: The Last Exit To Normal

Reading progress update: I’ve read 39 out of 288 pages.

This might be a DNF. They've moved the kid to the middle of nowhere Montana against his will--which sure he's a 17-year-old and when parents decided to move that's just that.  But we're dealing homophobes and abusive behaviours.  Ben, the teenage protagonist is being hit and now starved and thrown out but the mother of … Continue reading Reading progress update: I’ve read 39 out of 288 pages.

Reading progress update: I’ve read 1 out of 288 pages.

OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Again with the first person point of view.  This makes six of the last eight books I've read now. Insanity or a sign?  Who knows. Original post: Virago77.booklikes.com/post/1900616/reading-progress-update-i-ve-read-1-out-of-288-pages

Review: Aliens: Bug Hunt

Review: This is an excellent collection of stories based on the Colonial Marines as seen in the movie, Aliens.  In each tale we were are introduced to new characters and different units of the marines.  We're taken to different planets and moons and met with xenomorphs other than the ones we're familiar with.  It's funny and terrifyingly realistic that no … Continue reading Review: Aliens: Bug Hunt

Review: The Song of Achilles

Review: I couldn't get into this.  I had to switch between paperback and audiobook to get through it.     I love the subject matter and the fact that the story focused on Achilles and Patroclus growing up together and falling for one another.  It was interesting how they lived with the spectre of both their … Continue reading Review: The Song of Achilles

Review: Keeping You A Secret

Review: Author: Julie Anne Peters Published: 2003 Format: paperback Pages: 250   I finished this early this morning and have been trying all day to figure out what to say about it.  It was... all right.  I didn't hate it, but definitely didn't love it.     The protagonist Holland Jaeger...she got kind of a raw deal.  She … Continue reading Review: Keeping You A Secret

Reading progress update: I’ve read 7 out of 250 pages.

FOURTH FIRST PERSON...in a row!  WTF?! Someone somewhere wants me to change my opinion about first person books! UGH!  Not deep enough into the book to know if I like it yet. Stay tuned. Original post: Virago77.booklikes.com/post/1898412/reading-progress-update-i-ve-read-7-out-of-250-pages

Reading progress update: I’ve read 150 out of 378 pages.

Meh.  Interesting, but slow.  It's more like a slice-of-life, which I adore, but this is actually kind of boring. Original post: Virago77.booklikes.com/post/1897962/reading-progress-update-i-ve-read-150-out-of-378-pages